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2 Moons Dil Guide – Starting 2moons Read This! Is This Game Right For You?
Summarized Story
During the event of the two moon alignment, the Exile King Rictus and his magicians opened a gate to let the Pitborns and their leader Abbadon into the land. King Rictus thought he could control them but they were too powerful. They took over the land with little opposition. Then came Trieste, the savious, Cheap WOW Gold who banded with the six warriors/magicians and fought Abbadon and his forces. Their combined might failed to stop him and so Trieste sacrificed herself to close the gates of the two moons. The seal lasted for centuries it wore off. The Pitborns along with their ruler Abbadon are free to conquer the land. This is where you come in.
Overview The Basics
2moons is an American adaptation of the Korean MMO-RPG Dekaron. It is currently now in open beta. Recommended for 17+ due to language, blood content, and violence.

The Good Whats better than the generic MMO-RPGs
-Fresh Story
-Nice Artwork
– Good Graphics
-Great combat animations
-Not too Repetitive (grind>lvlup>buynewweapon>repeat)
-6 Classes
-Loads of quest for all levels
-More Dungeons
-NPCs have voices (with original/funny lines)
The Bad Game Issues
-Beta (with known glitches and errors)
-Lag Moments (happens often in town)
-No UI configuration (moving/changing bar options)
-Poor Bosses
-Medium Skill Trees

Casual Gaming
This game goes well with casual gamers as it’s quests and dungeons aren’t too long nor too hard. Playing from time to time keeps this game fresh. Generic friend and party system makes this game user-friendly and easy to pick up. The game isn’t all about grinding to level up so you don’t have to spend hours killing the same monsters over and over again.

Serious Gaming
Also good for serious gamers, this game has an awesome battle feature known as “siege battle” where 3+ guilds duke it out in large battles for control of the land! The pvp system can be a bit vicious as entering any dungeon allows you to attack anyone. There are “instances” every twenty levels as well as dungeons for parties. The game has a lot of quests which isn’t only limited to collecting items or grinding a certain monster.
Getting Started

Picking a Server:
Your account works on both servers but any characters made in one server will not be available in the other server. Creating a character on Trieste allows me to use that character on all Trieste servers but you will not find the same character on an Abbadon server. Trieste is usually more packed but has more players to interact with. Abbadon is smaller with only 3 sub-servers but should be less crowded which should get less lag.
Trieste: Kalibus, Asray, Blades, Oread, Horsea, Augur
Abbadon: Soulbane, Heartrender, Lifecrusher

Picking a Class
Azure Knight: With the choice of many melee weapons and physical improving skills, this knight is an overall melee contender.
Segita Hunter: Using a bow or crossbow or even a dagger, the hunter can attack from afar with powerful skills or up close with fast hard hitting attacks.

Segnale: This is the healer in the game with great offensive capabilities. She comes with buffs, healing spells, curses, and great melee skills.
Bagi Warrior: Following in the old ways of martial arts, this warrior weilds metal knuckles and can unleash a barrage of fist and fury.
Vicious Summoner: Specializing in poison, you can either equip a dual sword or a staff that enhances magical damage. You can train pets as early as level 15.

Braiken or Loa
It doesn’t matter except for the layout Cheap RS Gold . I suggest Loa if you’re fresh but then Braiken just seems cooler just because it feels more like a castle. Now you are free to start in the world of 2moons.Incar WOW Gold Magician: The mage in the game with access to magic and three other elemental types of spells, she is a magical powerhouse.


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