Now RuneScape P2P Profit Guide


Heres good guide for rs gold p2p players. Go to G.E and buy Prayer pots (3) lots of.
be careful with prices. then go and use “decant” on herblore guy in G.E he makes your potions (4) and sell them then. on one potion you make 3k profit!!

Making planks can bring great profits to you too. There are three distinct ways to make planks. The first one is to run them on foot from the east Varrock bank to the Sawmill and back. You could also choose to teleport back to Varrock and walk the short way to the bank. In addition to doing this by foot, you can also send your servants to make some planks.

The second way to make planks is to use Air Balloons. This requires the completion of the quest Enlightened Journey and the unlocking of the Varrock Hot Air Balloon. To start out, you will wear as little as you can, preferably weight reducing buy tera gold. Also wear a Ring of Duelling for teleportation. You can only take up to 40 kg of items onto the balloon at once, so you need to take 1 Willow Log, 19 Oak Logs, and one tinderbox. Each log weighs 2 kg, so weight reducing items would allow you to make planks faster. Start out at Castle Wars and run to the north-east. Take the balloon to Varrock and run the short distance to the Sawmill. Use the Ring of Duelling to teleport back to Castle Wars to bank. Repeat this as much as needed.



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